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TurtleKing's Overwatch Pizza Panic Playoffs first started out as a joke. Then after some thought, it was decided to actually hold a tournament for people to play in! The winners of this tournament of fun, would get a pizza ordered and bought for them by TurtleKingChris. Is this a serious tournament? No, not really. TurtleKing was bored one day and decided to do something fun for him and others! The entire event is meant for fun and not to be taken too seriously. The event will be a bracket styled tournament with multiple teams competing for the prize of getting food from Chris. Friends and Gamers can join up as a group and become a team themselves to play in this tournament. The other option, is people can join solo and would be put into a team based off their recommended roles! We will give some prep time so people can come up with strategies and get to know their teammates better. Once all teams are formed in some manner, we will have the bracket and layout for the tournament made. Teams will be in voice chats on the Turtle Kingdom Discord to talk to each other and better help manage the layout for the tournament. A final REMINDER, this is put on for fun and not professionally done. We will try our best to make it fun for everyone, so please do not get upset over an issues that may occur. We are trying our best, i promise!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask/dm TurtleKingChris on discord!

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