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TurtleKing's Overwatch Pizza Panic Playoffs.png

What is this?

TurtleKing's Overwatch Pizza Panic PlayOffs is a tournament that will have multiple teams facing off in Overwatch in a bracket formation! The teams will go against each other in the brackets, advancing all the way to the top, all in order to get a free large two topping pizza for themselves! Streamers, Gamers, and Friends all have a chance at getting pizza in a friendly competition put on by TurtleKingChris!

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No upcoming events at the moment

Join our Discord! The Turtle Kingdom!


This is the discord of TurtleKingChris, so feel free to join and become a part of the Turtle Kingdom! We will also have the voice chats for the tournament located here! We are friends with everyone, so please keep this in mind! :)

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